David “Doc” Moylan, current Schuylkill County Coroner and 2014 Nominee for the 17th Congressional district has given his full backing and support to Matt Connolly of Northampton County, who was runner up out of three candidates in the 2014 primary race. 

“Matt is a true conservative who would be the kind of congressman we need in this district – and in the country for that matter.  He is solidly pro – life, pro 2nd amendment and as a businessman has the discipline to get the economy going.  During the 2014 race, he impressed me with the depth of his knowledge on everything from the negative impact of Obamacare and the economic mechanisms it affects to the role of energy costs as a driver for industrial growth. Matt understands the struggles all families face and is committed to a better future of prosperity and security.  I’m honored to be a friend and supporter.”

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Dr. David Moylan, 2014 Nominee, Endorses Connolly for 2016

17th Congressional District

Candidate U.S. Congress PA 17



As your Congressman, I WILL:

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"Renew the American Dream!"

* Work to repeal job killing Obamacare and promote patient centered healthcare policies.

* Enable the U.S. to be free of foreign oil and lower the cost of gas and energy for everyone.

* Help get people off of Welfare and restore the human dignity that comes from earning a living. 

* Reform the tax code and reduce regulations. 

* Get Big Government out of our lives.

* Strengthen the border first. Then reform immigration laws.